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They spent a full year outfitting the space, partnering with furniture and interiors guru Alex Harris, whom Graybill met while working for the London based shop of late architect David Collins.The otherwise subtle entryway to the two bedroom Faena House condo features a bold portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by British photographer Chris Levine. Faena House’s model apartment floor plan included a 12 seater dining table, but the couple dismissed that setup as too formal.”Who’s going to entertain like that?” asked Graybill, a well kempt South Carolina native whose twang becomes audible when he’s excited. “I had a vision: We would have cocktail parties all the time!”Indeed, on the other side of a luscious daybed made from ivory and pink microsuede rests an arched banquette that wraps around a table.

Madrigal and her staff typically craft each season promotional schedule during a brainstorming session in the fall. Stars Wars Night, for example, has been in the works for six months. Madrigal had to get in touch with Lucasfilm to get approval to use Star Wars characters and images on the jerseys, and then create a design with a company that the jerseys.

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