3, 2017, left, and Megyn Kelly poses on the set of her new

Moreover, the fanatic person condones his group for its mistakes and mistakes of its leaders, glorifies it and sanctifies the actions of its leaders and their opinions
This fanaticism, which reached the point of madness, causes those infected with it to look at those who disagree with them in the opinion of inferiority, and make difference with others in the opinion justifying their rights and abuse, and limiting the ability of the victim to realize the reality of reality and its challenges. Muslims, and what affects the nation from the harm and calamities because of the fragmentation and conflict that almost kills our Islamic nation, for one reason only, that the fanatic does not see things to the perspective of his group, and believes only in their positions and policy, as if this collective has its own religion
and intolerance people away from Islam, and give enemies a great opportunity To the exploitation of our division and division to serve their goals, and to make the fanatic of his group many agents, without guidance or insight, according to the criteria of his group and interests. Strongly enhanced the proof forensic argument and logic, and the absence of a culture AlmchaNakaan sheikhs talk of gold

My pen Hossam Ma Thulm Haddh *** And the craft of a bullet does not distort.

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