And that’s why I thought of Mr Slaughter when I was watching

Ali saw one of his great goals in life to be the uplift of African American people, to bring black pride out, to show people that they could say they were the greatest, even when America said they were second class citizens. And yet, at the same time, he is undercutting these other strong, proud African American men and using the most racist images to do so. So that was Ali: There were no easy answers. He was very complicated in these ways, and he didn’t really care about the contradictions..

cheap Canada Goose Here was a man that came from a tough background and had made the choice to turn his life round. He didn’t suggest it was easy, or it just happened, but he still impressed on the prison inmates that however tough their backgrounds, they had a choice about the direction they wanted their lives to go. And that’s why I thought of Mr Slaughter when I was watching the news. Mr Slaughter had made his choice just as the people rioting in the UK had made their choices. Although the defence lawyers of some of the alleged perpetrators of the disorder have started to argue in court that their clients suffered “a moment of madness”, if eventually convicted they will have to accept that they had a choice about what they did. cheap Canada Goose

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