It’s a shame, because Sayid apparently had an interesting

Sorry, I’m Gay: When Princess Elena starts falling for Garret, Grae covers for him by kissing him on the cheek and calling him “honey”. (Of course, when they speak with the Princess after killing Talbot, she’s still fawning over Garret, so perhaps it didn’t take.) Stop, or I Shoot Myself!: During the final showdown with Lord Talbot, he holds Princess Elena at knifepoint, and Spoony (in a slip of the tongue) says “he has a knife at his throat”. This lead to the group wondering if he was doing this, which they said would have been kinda cool. Time Travel: The players discover that this happened to them in the 11/28 game. Grae may have royally screwed up by bringing Alice (see Chekhov’s Gunman above) back with them. Token Evil Teammate: Grae, who has been affectionately nicknamed “Elven Hitler.” Maybe not, though. When LordKaT said that he had Grae as evil, Spoony remarked that he wasn’t sure an evil teammate was acceptable, meaning Grae may just be an Anti Hero. Darstine Morgana, though she’s not really a teammate as of 12/19. Tome of Eldritch Lore: The Word Of Morgana. Unfortunate Names: Juliet’s daily power: Fairy Fire. For a while, she was trying to get people to call it “Super Awesome Blood Death Murder Fire,” but she now seems to have given up on that. Unsettling Gender Reveal: Inverted. For a while, Angry Joe didn’t realize Darstine was female. He then started to ask about Darstine’s dragon breasts. Up to Eleven: Lord Vane II is already a Large Ham by default, but it gets turned Up to Eleven when others control him in Joe’s absence. It’s a shame, because Sayid apparently had an interesting backstory. What Happened to the Mouse?: We may never know what happened to that Elite Guard who was disarmed and left in the wilderness at the end of the second throne room fight. With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Darstine’s curse from the Word of Morgana gives her access to rituals and magics far greater than any her allies could cast, but every spell used causes a piece of her mind to be lost to Morgana. Might cross into Blessed with Suck. Given that as of the 12/19 session, Morgana has completely taken over Darstine, and has started turning Darstine into a lich, the effects are FAR too negative to come under the Cursed with Awesome category. World of Ham: With Spoony’s DMing, this is par the course. And the game being played by people who all have being Genre Savvy as their job doesn’t help the Hammyness either. You All Meet in an Inn: Played straight. As mentioned by RolloT in his sessions 1 3 recap:”So our game began with our characters outside of the Kingdom of Sarmanath for one reason or another. Anyway, our group entered a tavern in town so we could acquaint ourselves with one another.”.

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