Not What It Looks Like / That Came Out Wrong: When Tsukasa is

Seeing as Issei was still in deep thought, he nonchalantly raises his arm, finds that there’s no hole and the realization hits him that he gets volunteered to be Asia’s partner.. Not What It Looks Like / That Came Out Wrong: When Tsukasa is telling his buddies about how his rather abortive first date with Tsukushi went horribly wrong, they don’t realize he’s complaining, and he doesn’t catch on to their interpreting everything he says to mean that he and she had a really wild and kinky night; mainly because when he tells them that “she strangled me all night long” he neglects to explain that she was wrapping a leek around his neck to bring down his fever because he was getting sick; and when they ask him what hotel they were using, and he says they were not in a hotel but in an elevator, he neglects to mention they were trapped there by mistake.

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