Hinduism often professes to be monotheistic though

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Replica Goyard Bags But of the sentient gods, the three are Brahma, the god of creation, vishnu, the god of preservation, and shiva, the god of destruction. Brahma is not considered something to be devoted to, since it only functions at the beginning of the world. Most systems have a main highest god though, and consider it either shiva or vishnu. Hinduism often professes to be monotheistic though, and these gods are seen as pieces of one God that isn necessarily anyone in particular. Similar to the christian trinity. Sometimes one of them is seen as the main one though. God in the sentient sense is seen as semi equivalent to brahman, and a manifestation of its essence, bearing many auspicious qualities but is not totally the same as the abstract ubertranscendent brahman that properly has no qualities. This entire thing obviously calls to mind yhvh and avatars and the way he talked about in relation to the great will, the collective avatars of god being “the face” but not identical. Replica Goyard Bags

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